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Family Accommodation in and near Bodmin, Cornwall

We found 21 places for you today, shown in order of distance from the town centre
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Mount Pleasant Farm B and B Bodmin 0.20 miles
2 Emma Place Bodmin 0.25 miles
White Hart Inn Bodmin 0.32 miles
Castle Canyke Farm Bodmin 0.55 miles
Jeandy Bodmin 0.92 miles
The Old Piggeries At Pandarosa Barn Bodmin 1.37 miles
Sunnywell Bodmin 1.56 miles
Willow Lodge Bodmin 1.56 miles
Byre Bodmin 2.21 miles
Glynn Barton Cottages Bodmin 2.75 miles
The Gate House Bodmin 2.78 miles
The Halt Bodmin 2.78 miles
Kernow Caravan Park Bodmin 2.94 miles
Woodhall Bodmin 2.98 miles
Westside Cottage Bodmin 3.02 miles
Slate Cottage Bodmin 3.24 miles
The Old Farmhouse At Mena Bodmin 3.30 miles
Harry Bodmin 4.13 miles
Dick Cottage Bodmin 4.13 miles
Tom Bodmin 4.13 miles
Scrumpy Cottage Bodmin 4.97 miles

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