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St James Rest

St James Rest

St Ives (0.08 miles)

Apartments in and near St Ives, Cornwall

We found 58 places for you today, shown in order of distance from the town centre
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Crystal Bay St Ives 0.08 miles
St James Rest St Ives 0.08 miles
Seaview Holiday Apartments St Ives 0.11 miles
Rosebank St Ives 0.15 miles
Little Dolly Sea View Apartment, St Ives, Cornwall St Ives 0.15 miles
Puffins St Ives 0.17 miles
The Lighthouse St Ives 0.17 miles
Trevose St Ives 0.18 miles
Holiday Home Trenwith St Ives 0.18 miles
Apartment Tregenna B St Ives 0.19 miles
3 Salt, St Ives St Ives 0.20 miles
Richford St Ives 0.21 miles
Shell Seekers St Ives 0.21 miles
Windsor Lookout St Ives 0.32 miles
Rosemorran Holiday Apartments St Ives 0.32 miles
Hepworth Apartment St Ives 0.33 miles
Whistler St Ives 0.33 miles
Heron St Ives 0.33 miles
Ocean Loft St Ives 0.34 miles
Waves Apartment, St Ives St Ives 0.35 miles
New Vow 2 - Ukc4048 St Ives 0.35 miles
Gulls Nest St Ives 0.45 miles
The Beach Hut St Ives 0.46 miles
Glentworth Flats St Ives 0.51 miles
Immaculate 2-bed Loft St Ives 2 Min From Beach St Ives 0.58 miles
Trenwith Bridge Cottage St Ives 0.60 miles
Seaporth Studio St Ives St Ives 0.66 miles
Brambles Apartment St Ives 0.68 miles
The Lighthouse Penthouse/apartment And Studio St Ives 0.96 miles
Stargazy Shepherds Hut St Ives 0.97 miles
Seaside Apartment St Ives 0.99 miles
Pebbles King Studio St Ives 1.02 miles
Fairsky St Ives 1.05 miles
Luna Beach - Luxury Carbis Bay Apartment St Ives 1.12 miles
Greensleeves St Ives 1.15 miles
Crystal View, Compass Point St Ives 1.15 miles
Beach View St Ives 1.17 miles
Wingspan St Ives 1.19 miles
Chy-an-mor St Ives 1.19 miles
12a Mault-ley Studio St Ives 1.20 miles
Meridian St Ives 1.20 miles
Horizon St Ives 1.21 miles
Under The Moon St Ives 1.21 miles
Sky St Ives 1.21 miles
7 Four Seasons St Ives 1.22 miles
Valhalla St Ives 1.24 miles
Cliffs (The) St Ives 1.34 miles
Luna Beach - Luxury Carbis Bay Apartment With Parking St Ives 1.42 miles
11 Longstone House St Ives 1.50 miles
Rotorua Apartments St Ives 1.50 miles
7 The Manor Hayle 2.29 miles
Cosy, Quiet Bungalow, One Minute From The Beach. Hayle 2.37 miles
Seaside Suite Hayle 2.53 miles
The Loft Hayle 2.76 miles
Modern Apartment With Stunning Views, Close To Amenities And St Ives Hayle 2.93 miles
Studio41 Nancledra 2.97 miles
Ferney Croft Nancledra 2.98 miles
Brambles (The) Hayle 3.45 miles

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